The After-Life Agreement

The After-Life The After-Life Agreement is made prior to incarnation. Being mentally prepared for the after-life allows an Individual to die in peace. They will therefore, be more likely to leave the dead physical body in full consciousness. They will be able to observe the soul-self’s departure as it rises gently above the now discarded physical … Read more

Karmic Law and the Law of Resonance

Karma and the Law of Resonance Karmic Law and the Law of Resonance Karma is the experience of what you have created. It is therefore, the compassionate dynamic through which you learn to create responsibly. Karma is the law of cause and effect through which you shape your life with every decision. Karma is neither … Read more

Dreams and Astral Travel

Dreams Dreams and Astral Travel are very present during sleep. Rest is as essential to the spiritual body as it is to the physical. When you sleep at night, the spirit leaves the body and enters the inner realms where it is recharged with cosmic energy. In addition, The spirit is etherically connected to the physical … Read more