Ascended Masters Spiritual Hierarchy

Ascended Masters and spiritual awakening ascension

The Ascended Masters Hierarchy and Twin Souls

 Ascended Masters Spiritual Hierarchy

Ascended Masters are part of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. Consequently, They are highly evolved Beings with a fully developed degree of wisdom and consciousness. Ascended Masters fulfill Universal Service. They are not usually linked to any one individual soul on the Earth. They differ in this sense from your Guides. Masters serve a far greater cause and therefore, when they come to this Earth they come not so much for the individual but rather, for Humanity as a whole. 


Ascended Masters often speak through trained and inspired channels to give messages to Humanity. When they do incarnate on the Earth, they come in order to serve Humanity. They bring wisdom and knowledge to the Earth as a whole. Masters are not so much concerned with the individual as with the Greater Plan. It is through the Masters that Knowledge for this Earth is thus revealed and given to Mankind. Their purpose is to  ensure that the Divine Plan for this Earth is revealed and carried out.

Twin Souls

Twin Souls

When one of the soul fragments is of the male energy and the other is that of the female, then that specific pair would be twin souls or twin flames. In addition, they must vibrate at the same frequency.

As an individual achieves a certain level of development, it becomes possible that a counterpart be brought into its life experience on this plane. Recognition would take place on a spirit and soul level. On a material level, it would be subconscious contact with much love and understanding between the persons involved.

Each individual Twin Soul, endowed during its descent into matter with a predominantly male or female polarity, thus acts as a balancing force to the other. One based on an inherently forceful male/active/positive/outgoing characteristic. The other with a more receptive/nurturing/spiritual/in-going female characteristic. 

Twin Flames

Thus it is that two Twin Souls, or Twin Flames, are created as part of one spirit at the highest level. They will remain forever as eternally joined parts of one soul extension. After ascending and descending  through the Cycle of Evolution together, they are eventually destined to reunite at the end of their long evolutionary journey. They will do so as one complete and androgynous Being. Yet they shall forever also be two souls in one and even retain an element of their two polarities as well as their individualism.

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