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Ascended Masters Teachings

Ascended Masters Teachings tell us that the ascension process is difficult. There is no doubt about this. It is difficult because one must face their dark side and their deepest fears. First, the heart must open to ascend. This is a necessity, and one must ask for it or it may not occur. In addition, sometimes the opening of the heart is emotionally painful. However as the pain is processed, it will leave joy, passion, unity and divine union in its place. It is therefore, no other way than through the dilemma of the human fall in consciousness.  As a result, ascension cannot occur without processing and releasing that which no longer serves, including the pain and the fear.

Ascension Duality

It is important to realize that many changes will come in the time before this new era dawns. With this in mind, remember that your conception of time will almost stand still. Time will go at different rates.  This in turn, means that sometimes you may feel that many hours have passed when only a minute has passed.

You will be entering different dimensional frequencies. You will be in other vibrational frequencies where the concept of time will be different. This will be only one of many experiences that you will have as your body and mind begin to accelerate toward a new dimensional frequency.  Consequently, You will begin to “see” time differently. 

The Ascended Masters Teachings also tell us that we are moving to a new level of existence and your being is working in new ways. You will feel at times, “out of sync” with clocks and other tools that are used to measure the passing of liner time.

A Shift in Frequencies

These experiences are happening for many reasons. It is important to remember to simply relax and allow yourself to have these experiences without creating great concern about them. Know that they are part of a new emergence of energy, shifts in the magnetic fields of Earth. All these energy shifts are working to bring a new dimensional frequency into the space that you occupy. Subsequently, You will feel like you are in two places at the same time. Part of you will be feeling as third dimensional. Another part will be feeling the higher level of dimensional frequency.

You will be in a unique position that hasn’t occurred for many, many centuries upon this planet. The energy of matter is being stepped up and vibrating at a more rapid, refined frequency. This is all part of this dimensional shift. Some people will be on a higher vibrational frequency. They will still be on this plane of existence and functioning in their daily life, while others will be vibrating at much higher rates; gone from this dimension as you perceive it.

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