Biophotonics and Social Distancing

Biophotonics and Social distancing

Biophotonics and Social Distancing

Biophotonics is the study of the optical processes in biological systems. This study includes the processes that occur naturally as well as those that occur in bioengineered materials. As a result, a particularly important aspect of this field is imaging and sensing cells and tissue. This includes injecting fluorescent markers into a biological system to track cell dynamics and drug delivery.

You are Exactly Where you Should Be and There is a Higher Purpose.

The currents events that affect us all are indeed real. With this in mind, consider that social distancing is about the storing of the human bodies Photonic energy. Social Distancing is also about the raising of the frequency of yourself and that of the collective. As a consequence, it is also about raising the frequency planet Earth.

The human body produces Electro-magnetic fields via your Auric body system. The Chakra systems within our bodies have created those Energy fields. Externalities such as your environment and your thinking can and do influence those energy fields.

Comparatively, some of these externalities include your environment and your thinking. You are creators of your reality. As such, have a big responsibility in the direction of this planet.

Light carries information!

Solar flares and solar activity are transmitting the Photonic energy that is increases the human bodies Electro-magnetic field. We then transmit this energy to our environment. Think data transmission similar to that of photosynthesis or fiber optics.


There are others that walk among us. They especially dissipate and drain our energy. It is important to realize that they slow the raising of frequency of our reality.

Social Distancing human energy field

Grounding Yourself

What has been occurring is about the grounding of yourself and consequently, the reacquainting with source.

In warmer climates, try to walk barefooted in the grass. In more brisk climates, realize your breath and focus on all the beauty that surrounds you. Consequently, you will be Grounding yourself. Pay attention to your dreams as this should result in increase lucency.

There simple was no other way for this to occur. Accordingly, you are exactly where you are most needed right now.

Were the Neanderthals aware that they were in a stage of ascension and thus evolution? Then what about Cro-Magnon man? Yet, we see evidence in their evolution and ascension in the archaeological record…

The ascension is occurring and you are all part of it. It is time to awaken to take back your power.