Composition of our Reality

Composition of our reality

How and why does it "Matter?"

The composition of our reality

Reality occurs as a result of energy being sent into vibration by consciousness that is then guided by our intention. At our truest potential, we ourselves are quantum wave oscillators.

Bishop George Berkeley believed that our concepts of objects are limited to the ideas that we have about them. All composition of our reality that we experience are ideas of the mind that are limited to what we understand them to be. This is  based on our interaction with them and our perceptions of a thinking being. There are no material substrates; our perceptions of things were produced by God. Or as I surmise, by ourselves.

Bishop George Berkeley asks if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound if there is no one to witness it? Another Zen Philosopher asks what is the sound of one hand clapping?

The answer is that there was never a tree and there was always a tree. A simple object cannot be composed without an observer that allows it to BE. The tree is the IS whereas the consciousness that witnessed its composition caused it to BECOME. There is no sound of one hand clapping as the hand does exist as the IS but needs another hand to BE which is followed by intent to BECOME the clapping sound.


The concept of Nihilism is both true and false. Nothing can exist without the creative consciousness put forth that is directed by our intent. But this is not enough. For composition of our reality to manifest, the creative consciousness put forth by us must also interact with other interactions of creativity. This is where part hood comes into play. The creative consciousness can be equated to the IS. The interaction with our intent and the intent of others causes it to BECOME.

Electro-Magnet Field Interaction

Our bodies Chakra system creates Electro-Magnetic frequencies. When these frequencies start to interact with one another, composition occurs. Everything exists as the IS, but also needs to BECOME. Composition starts to BE once the interaction between the IS and BECOME occurs. This is based on intent for a reason to BE.

If this is the case then why can’t we create anything we wish by simple thought? We actually do, but what is created is usually done by our intent to control. This is normally based on fear rather than the intent of love. The density in which we experience as reality is also limiting. This control approach involves the necessitation to break things into simple and understandable pieces that stops creativity forming from the unformed. 

Our reality is based on the understanding that we are both receiving and transmitting vibration and conscious experiences Fear has shaped some of those experiences. Consequently, we are taught to see the world as separate and divisible from us. Instead, we should see that we are one with it. We make up the awareness of the IS, BECOME and BECOMING with our everyday interaction with each another.


Composed by vibration is the reality we experience. It is when raising our own vibration to that which naturally is occurring within our reality, we will start to interact with the physical. We will use the power of thought to create. When our experiences in our world are slowed down, our conscious awareness is raised. We see things as they really are. We are more in tune and understand that our actions and the consequences of those actions affect not only ourselves, but also others around us. Thus, inadvertently raising our level of awareness and vibration.

Immediate results cannot manifest by thought is because of a Geo-Magnetic wave of vibration around the earth.  It can be measured by frequency and is the result of the earth’s natural rotation that dictates our ability for things to BECOME. We do see the results of our actions and thinking, but through a slower rate we perceive as time. Einstein’s work on the Unified Theory attempted to show a relation between electromagnetism, gravity and time. This was taken up later and is known as the grand unified theory. The Grand Unified theory relates the increase of energy affects space and time. The theory is summarized as the following:

Time = Energy X Space

Oscillation (frequency)

Quantum Harmonic Oscillation

Notice the dependency of time as a function of frequency. This representation is the formula for a Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, as postulated in the Grand Unified Theory.

Exposed by the earth’s magnetic field, the energy field that exists in space will interact with NASA’s discovery of dark matter as postulated within the grand unified field theory. under those circumstances, this interaction will change our perception of time. With the disappearance of this energy, its effects on space perceived by us will also change. This change is acting to remove our limitations of composition by elevation to a higher frequency.

Gravitational Red Shift

In 2010, researchers at the University of Berkeley put Einstein’s Gravitational Red shift theory to the test. Their findings stated:

“Einstein’s profound insight, that gravity is a manifestation of curved space and time is among the greatest discoveries of humankind.”

University of Stanford astronomers, along with NASA, have detected frequencies being generated by the Sun. Those frequencies have been measured as coronal mass injection and solar flares as they are hitting the earth.

This is where Einsteins research on Gravitational Red-Shift comes into play. By applying James Maxwell’s Theory of light, taken further by Albert Einstein, showing that the wavelength of the color blue released from the Electro-Magnetic radiation from the sun had the highest energy, we see a correlation. Blue light affected the human body the most. 

Research done by the German Physics W.O. Schumann has measured the earths resonance. Specifically, the correlations are between the alpha rhythm of brain waves and the frequency of earth.  As a consequence, we can also see via live data that the vibration of our earth is fluctuating based on these Coronal injections.

What does this have to do with the Composition of our Reality?

A Scientific and Spiritual perspective


A Quantum Physics perspective

Compositional matter are all joined together via magnetism and the various groups and combinations that constitute atoms that they make up . Each of which, are vibrating at different frequencies based on the complexity of composition. Lower frequencies are denser. Higher frequencies are more spaced out. Theses densities also determines their ability to create and manifested thought. These abilities are as follows: Higher frequencies are more in tune with love. Lower frequencies are more associated with a lower spiritual evolution.

Some individuals can read our thoughts and actions send out by our frequencies. Each of our beliefs also holds a frequency. Beliefs are simply thoughts that you have repeatedly held, therefore you have effectively imprinted this frequency over and over within your Auric field.

We are truly multi-dimensional in nature…

Vibration is the foundation of Our Reality

As an example, we can create a simple Chadlini plate with a piece of Plexiglas is fitted over a stereo speaker. We then sprinkle with sand. This is the Science of Cymatics. The creation of 2D images by frequency of sound. Adding sand and using high pitched frequency from sound source, energy is turned into vibration. The vibration then causes a form to appear.

The reality we as humans experience directly correlated with the body and its interaction with Electro-magnetism. This correlation is based on the ability for the body to generates those electromagnetic fields. This indeed, is the bases of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Using this naturally occurring magnetic field around the body, detailed images based the changing of the spin of the hydrogen nucleus referred to as precession.

A Religious/Spiritual perspective

Followers of Christianity are familiar with the passage in John 1.1: In the beginning was the Word (A vibrational frequency formed by sound), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Sounds of the Universe

Composition of our reality

NASA has recently released several recordings of the sounds of our universe. These recordings show that everything in our universe resonates to a frequency. Those frequencies create patterns. Those frequencies can be compared to the frequencies generated by the human body. Indeed, the most impressive images from these planets are the appearance of the image the NASA Cassini probe caught. It shows a giant Hexagon appearing on the North Pole of the planet Saturn. 

Solar Flare Activity

Solar flares have always occurred within our history but never as intense as those that has been happening from 1992 to present day. In space there exists a massive dark energy field that is waiting to be tapped into by the collective conscious. This energy field can be witnessed by going outside on a clear day and clearing your mind. Once you are open to letting go of preconceived beliefs, look up in to the air to see the energy going in and out of existence. When these objects are first observed, focus your peripheral vision on another object while still looking into the sky. 


You will see the energy within the air but not on the physical objects. This energy has been made more available to us with the ongoing solar flares that  are changing the magnetic field around our earth. The wave of vibration surrounding the earth caused by the Geo-Magnetic rotation and the solar flares that are continually hitting it are changing the earth and its inhabitants. 

It is also changing our perception of time. Our ability to compose our reality and objects is also being affected.  Consciousness is relative to the dependence of frequency. This, only limited by the time-space interaction caused by this rotation and its corresponding magnetic frequencies.