Crop Circles and Photonic Energy

Crop Circles and photonic energy

Crop Circles are Magnetic in Nature

Crop circles and Photonic energy create the Crop Circle formations. They are the result of photon patterns hitting Earth’s surface. This causes the crops within the fields to become horizontal. The reason that they cause the crops to lie down is that photon energy is magnetic in nature. the strands of wheat, barley, canola etc., become magnetic in nature . It is therefore that magnetic attraction allows the strands to attract to one another. When the strands unite, the weight of their union no longer allows them to stand straight in the air. They “lie down” against the ground, forming the crop circle pattern.

Various races throughout time have used these universal Formations. These will continue and increase until you realize that you are not alone. Please Remember that You are loved and part of a plan more beautiful and wondrous than you could have ever imagined.

Crop Circle Interpretation

How should we therefore, interpret these messages from the universe?

What significance then do crop circles hold for humanity?

Crop circles and Photonic energy are like treasure chests; Each Formation holding unique and important information for humanity. The journey is one of discovery. Equally important is that just as with sacred geometry and other esoteric principles, crop circles challenge the current world view of “reality.” This is simply because science is at odds to explain them.

Intelligence is held in within these shapes and the intelligence is of a vibratory nature; This nature is being set up to eventually connect the grid work around this planet. This grid work will have a frequency that humanity can use to evolve. The whole language is not on the planet at this time. The glyphs come to Earth as a result of a certain involvement of consciousness. They come into your reality to show you that the reasoning mind cannot control all of the data, much as it would like to.