Evolution and fall of the Soul

evolution of the soul and critical mass

Evolution of the Soul and the Soul Before Birth

Evolution and fall of the Soul

To understand the Evolution and fall of the Soul, we must understand This: Know that you are not, and never have been separate from your Source. You truly have never been separate from each other. You have never really been separate from all of the brothers and sisters you have on countless planets throughout your galaxies. Nor have you have never been separate from any creature of your planet. Not separate from any leaf, or blade of grass, or flower that blossoms in your garden. You have forgotten and that is all. You have forgotten that who you are is Creator smelling the rose of the vibrancy and excitement of this dimension of reality.

The soul before birth

When a child is born there are two or more souls who have agreed to this opportunity to meet for a life lesson or a life mission to balance their karma. This agreement allows the evolution of the soul while learning. In addition, both souls have to agree on this and make the choice to meet. Furthermore, It is not enough for only one of the souls to consent to this opportunity.

Realization and Growth

Through negative deeds and thoughts manifested in various forms of oppression, murder, torture and perversion, these souls when they exit the Earth plane find themselves enmeshed in the denser lower astral worlds.  A self-induced personal hell.  Even these rebellious souls having ‘fallen’ into worlds of darkness are also learning from their experience of evil. Eventually they will tire of the constant competitive conflict and finally feel moved to start looking upwards towards the Realms of Light for salvation.

This is the critical turning point. The point of balance. The movement into separateness away from the Creator makes a turn becoming the upward path to Unity with all other forms of life. From this point on, we begin to see the advantages of collaboration and co-operation, of mutual respect and mutual assistance.

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