Body and the Seven Chakra System

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The Seven Chakra System

The Human Body and the Seven Chakra System

When the topic of Spirituality is involved, it is essential to discuss The Body and the Seven Chakra System. The physical body needs a regular intake of food to energize the organs and muscles. The Etheric or Spiritual body do as well. As a result, a regular intake of Prana keeps it balanced. Likewise, being in balance will also be in harmony with the universe. Individual octave or resonance energizes each of the seven Chakras. Accordingly, they correspond with one of the seven colors which make up white light. In addition, these are the seven colors of the rainbow which is part of color spectrum.

Each Chakra has its own unique perspective and intelligence. Since Chakras are vibrational in nature, they respond well to both color and sound therapies. Your seven basic Chakras also resonate in tune with a specific color and a specific musical tone. It is therefore, by visualizing the colors and tones of each Chakra, you can effectively restore your Chakras to their original brightness, clarity and vitality.

You can use colors and musical tones as required when using this self-tuning method. You can either visualize the colors or sing the tones. The basis for each Chakras tuning can use the Do-Re-Mi song or the The Sound of Music musical.

The Root or Base Chakra

FIRST CHAKRA (activated by the Red ray)

Located at the base of your spine is your root or base Chakra. This is your grounding Chakra that connects you to the Earth. The Root Chakra is connected to the secondary Chakra that is located in your feet. This Chakra is associated with the adrenal glands.  

Sacral Chakra

SECOND CHAKRA (activated by the Orange ray)

Just below your navel is where the Sacral Chakra is located. The Sacreal Chakra is located in the gonads or sexual reproductive system. This is the Sacral Chakra that is identified with the center of emotions.

Solar Plexus Chakra

THIRD CHAKRA (activated by the Yellow ray)

The third Chakra is located at your solar plexus between your navel and sternum. It is just below your lower ribs. The third Chakra is also associated with the pancreas.

Heart Chakra

FOURTH CHAKRA (activated by the Emerald Green ray)

Your fourth Chakra is located by your heart and is associated with the thymus gland. Equally important, is fact that this Chakra connects your spirit to your physical body. This connection allows you to channel both the love energy into your body and out into the world.

Throat Chakra

FIFTH CHAKRA (activated by the Sapphire Blue ray)

The throat Chakra corresponds to the thyroid gland. It is the center for expressive communication. Another key point is that this Chakra represents the making and keeping of commitments

Third Eye Chakra

SIXTH CHAKRA (activated by the Indigo ray)

Your third eye Chakra is located just above the bridge of your nose. Additionally, It is related to your higher mental and intuitive abilities.

Crown Chakra

                          SEVENTH CHAKRA (activated by the Violet ray)

Your seventh or crown Chakra is Slightly above the top of your head. This is the Chakra which connects your energy body to Spirit. It is also where you receive information about your life purpose and spiritual path.