In the Beginning was Primal Source

In the Beginning and spiritual awakening ascension

In the Beginning was Primal Source...

In the beginning, there was the Primal Source. An enormous battery of power which expressed a wish to know and to experience Itself. As a result, there was an enormous explosion of consciousness as trillions of particles and sparks of consciousness scattered all over the not yet formed universes .

You were brought forth into individual consciousness to be co-creators. You then were created to manifest an ever-expanding variety of worlds, realities and expressions. As a result the God Mind was enriched.

Also sent forth in the beginning was a great cosmic egg of new souls. An incubator you could say. New souls who had never before been birthed into individual consciousness. These were the innocent ones. When it was time to bring forth humanity onto planet Earth, these holy innocent ones were infused with the DNA. This DNA included attributes, traits and characteristics of each new root race or sub-root race.

As mankind started to evolve, it was not evolving at the expected rate of programming. A cross breeding program was begun with more evolved beings from other planets. This was done so a higher form of intelligence would be achieved.

Over Soul energy

You are a portion of energy from the Over Soul. This great being travels for the purpose of its own growth through planets and through existences that you cannot as of yet comprehend. Through existences that in your terms, are not real because you cannot see a physical world that they could exist on. Worlds that exist in empty space that make up shapes and colors and sounds. As pure consciousness you have experienced these worlds.

What is occurring on a planetary scale at this time is that all of humanity is attempting to bridge the information that is available to them and bring it into their physical reality. None are exempt from this. You are attempting to understand and to remember and to perceive that you are a portion of a much larger entity. You are attempting to know the personality than you previously were.