Karmic Law and the Law of Resonance

Karma and law of resonance

Karma and the Law of Resonance

Karmic Law and the Law of Resonance

Karma is the experience of what you have created. It is therefore, the compassionate dynamic through which you learn to create responsibly. Karma is the law of cause and effect through which you shape your life with every decision. Karma is neither good nor bad. There are no good effects or bad effects – only effects. You choose the cause, and then that choice includes your choice of an effect. The cause and the effect are one. If you participate in the cause, you will always participate in its effect. There are no exceptions. It is the Law.

Compassion or Indifference?

Karmic Law and the Law of Resonance also states that you cannot interfere with another’s Karma. You can only then create your own karma. If you see an act of violence, and you say to yourself, “They must deserve this or it wouldn’t be happening. Their suffering is not my concern,” what karma are you creating? The indifference that you show to a fellow soul is the same indifference that you will encounter one day. Is this what you want?

Violent action does not have to be as dramatic as a fight, or a sexual assault. Therefore, Indifference is a violent action, equivalent to greed, jealousy, and exploitation. Do you want to give to Life? That impulse is nurturing. Do you want to take from Life? That impulse is violent.

If you decide that another’s suffering is none of your business, then don’t think that your understanding of karma will permit your act of callousness to pass without affecting you. The suffering that you see is fair. Every experience in this Earth school is valid and fair, but if you use your realization of this to ignore the suffering of your brothers and sisters, you create a world in which your suffering, also, is of no concern to others. That is karma.

Your Future is Yours to Create

Your future is yours to create in the same way that you created your present – through your choices. Compassion or indifference is a choice. It is natural for us to be compassionate, but we can also choose “not to get involved.” Feeling warmly toward one another is natural for us, but we can also choose to be distant and cold. Everything that you do is a choice, and every choice that you make creates experiences that you will encounter.

That is Karma.

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