Law of Attraction Principles of Resonance

Universal Law and the Law of Resonance

Law of Attraction and Thought

The Law of Attraction and Principles of Resonance affect everyone of us. You are a magnet and therefore, draw experience unto yourself. You do this so that you may know yourself in this particular experience. This is why it generally takes the average human being several lifetimes, even hundreds of lifetimes, to master this game on the Earth School. The reality that you have created for yourself is so convincing that it appears that there is nothing else; merely a collection of gases, chemicals and water drawn together to form a planet to form your physical body. However, everything you have created, every last cell, every contour, every hair, is an expression of which you are. This expression is of your consciousness.

The Law of Attraction is as active on earth as anywhere else in the Universe. It is not designed to punish you or to bring you into balance as some may have suggested. It is rather, merely the Law of Attraction. The Law of attraction is expressed in different terms and interpreted through religious structures. Many millennia have been based on the concept of redemption.

Thought and Belief

The Law of Attraction and Principles of Resonance can been seen everywhere. The Universe springs forth from thought. Proceeded by that though is action. It is a thought that has led one to steal, abuse or murder. So what are the thoughts of the robber? Clearly this individual does not understand the Law of Attraction. They do not understand that he or she is God. They do not understand the infinite love of God. That individual does not believe in his or her own ability to create wealth.

Your experience on Earth is not one lifetime after the next. It is one total physical experience that has many forms. Therefore, if you hold the belief in one lifetime that you are unable to create wealth, or are not worthy of wealth and this belief is strong enough to motivate you to steal, then it is this belief that will follow you into the next episode of physical experience.