Levels of Density Realms of Existence

awakening ascension Vibration and Levels of Density

Levels of Density Realms of Existence

Density and Unseen Realms of Spirit


Various Levels of Density Realms of Existence make up all Matter. Moreover, those groupings and combinations of atoms and their orbiting electrons and protons are in constant oscillation. Their relationship is for the purpose of a positive-negative vibratory movement. Consequently, they are always maintaining a fixed magnetic spacing from each other.

It is therefore, that all atoms and matter they constitute through their cohesive groupings. They are all vibrating at different frequency rates. This is dependent on their complexity and density. Whereas a low frequency allows a dense grouping of atoms, a higher frequency creates a less dense one.  As a result, denser matter is more spaced-out and refined. With this in mind, their distance from the Creative Thought Center is greater. The refined matter of higher frequency vibration is nearer the high spiritual level of the Source. Denser matter of lower frequency exists at the outer edges of the evolutionary range farthest from the Source.  


Realms of Existence

There is an important intermediate level that exists between the physical and the Etheric. Consequently, The Astral Realm is how this level is referred to as. As a result of frequency, lower vibration makes up the Etheric matter. The Astral Realm is the seat of our emotions, senses and memory. At this level it is therefore, where our subconscious mind works. Here in The Akashic Records, all of our thoughts and experiences are recorded.

There exists entire worlds at a higher vibration that are unseen by us at Earth physical level. Beings we cannot see, hear or touch inhabit these worlds. Their higher vibration rates cause their bodies to be less dense than ours. They are easily able to interpenetrate us on Earth without being aware of their presence.