Mastering Emotions of Perceived Reality

Mastering emotions through spirituality

Mastering Emotions

Mastering Emotions of Perceived Reality is the process of clearing your own emotional restrictions. This therefore, allows you to fully carry light to the planet.

This is the light that is illuminating the planet and in addition, altering the universe for the better. You are only just beginning to see a glimpse of who you really are and what that means.

Focusing on what we don’t want creates more of the same. Doing things we simply no longer wish to do constitute compulsive behavior. The characteristic of compulsive behavior is that it is reactive in nature.

In other words, we do it before we are consciously aware that we’ve done it. Since we do not like doing it, we get down on ourselves for having done it again. This only serves to feed and increase the intensity of that which we do not like. It becomes a stronger force within us, compelling us even more to do it again and again.¬† We then we get down on ourselves even more; feeding more energy into it so that it comes back even stronger the next time. The more we struggle to get out, the deeper we sink.

Mastering Perceived Reality

Mastering Emotions of Perceived Reality are also Your ideas and beliefs about which you are, wrapped in the emotional charge of those ideas and beliefs, create your reality. This is your everyday experience of life. Thoughts require a creative charge of emotion before they can affect your reality. So you may change your ideas of who you are, but until they are wrapped in the joyful emotion of truth, you cannot change your perceived reality.

When you have learned how to handle your emotions, you can begin to forgive unconditionally by sending light and love to the person you are trying to forgive. Picture yourself talking to that person and telling him that you can and do forgive him. You may have to do this a number of times, until your forgiving is from your heart, unrestricted and without accusation and conditions. It is important that you go through this process of forgiving because as long as you cannot forgive, you keep yourself tied with this person through karma. These ties can slow you down dramatically. So much so that your life can be influenced on many levels and come to a stand-still until you let this other person go by forgiving him.