Planes and Dimensions of the Astral

Planes and Dimensions and spiritual awakening ascension

Planes are Not the Same as Dimensions

Planes and Dimensions of the Astral

After Physical Death.

The majority of people on planet earth consider death as a tragedy of the highest proportions. We simply don’t understand that life on the other side of the veil is the higher reality, while life here on earth is one of preparation. It is a learning environment that allows us to gather the much needed wisdom and understanding. This is required for further development and evolution in our natural home in the higher spiritual realms.

The astral planes are much like Earth, though more mental, and less physical. In the spirit worlds, thoughts create reality. As thousands of people leave Earth and enter the astral planes, the worlds in those subtler planes take on an Earth-like appearance. Many messages we receive from the other side describe concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes much like those on Earth. In addition, flowering meadows, mountains, and rivers that are like the landscapes on Earth but more magnificent.

The Astral Plane

There are many Planes And Dimensions in the Astral.

When we shed the outer garment that is our physical body, we move into finer vibrational zones of the Astral Plane. This sphere of existence consists of a lower, middle, and higher Astral, although each plane actually contains many dimensions of varying vibratory rates. After physical death, most of us reportedly “wake up” in our astral body, living in the specific astral plane in which substance is vibrating at the same rate as the substance of our astral body.

This is sometimes called our home frequency. During our lives on Earth and beyond we determine our vibratory rate by our thoughts, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Fear and resentment produce low vibration, while love produces very high vibrations. Orthodox closed-mindedness (whether religious, scientific or political) produces low vibrations. Attachments to worldly things also create low vibrations, while calm detachment in the Eastern tradition produces high vibrations.