Power of Thought and Manifestation

Universal and Karmic Energy The Power of Thought

Power of Thought as Basis of All Creation

The power of Thought and Manifestation is the basis of all creation. Everything was thought into existence. Even those physical things made by others were first born in thought before they became matter. The fourth principle is the principle of creativity. You are the creator of your experience, and it is your thinking that creates how you experience life. Energy follows thought, and matter is energy condensed. Therefore, everything in the world of matter is a result of thought. Your entire world, the world you see as being real and very alive, is energy that has been condensed into form by thought. It is as real as you wish to make it.

Collectively, humanity and others species have created this reality, this dimension of existence, in order to create another unique experience. This was done though the Power of Thought and Manifestation. That experience is what you call Earth. Each and every one of you has the power to create whatever it is that you are wanting through what you are thinking. All energy follows thought, and as matter is energy, it too will follow thought. The speed at which things follow thought on the Earth plane depends on your focus, skill, and practice. It does not matter how many negative thoughts you may have had in the past; it is the thoughts you are thinking right now that have the power. This is why living in the now moment is so very important.

Thought is the Basis of All Reality

Your intention is sufficient to create, attract and invite. Once you realize this law, you can choose to react in one of two ways. You can either see yourself as a victim of your own limited and fearful thinking, or you can celebrate the knowledge that you can have whatever you want and that you indeed have all the power you need to create it. This knowledge is a great source of freedom, for you no longer need to look outside yourself for that which you desire.