Quantum Interaction and your Bodies Energy Field

Quantum interaction in the air
feel your bodies energy field
Energy Field of the body

Quantum interaction and the Auric Field of Energy

Quantum Interaction and your Bodies Energy Field

The Power of Thought

While spoken words manifest as acoustic vibrations, thought can also influence a human being on various levels. Thought manifests mostly on the lower mental body. Because of this, thought can still have an effect on other levels because all seven bodies of the human being are connected and influence each other. This interactive relation of the aura has the result that negative thought can manifest in the material body as pain or disease.


Thought is an actual vibration within your aura. It is created by your lower mental body, but they are vibrations that you can control. Whenever negative thoughts come up, send them into the light. You will soon realize that with some patience you will succeed in becoming the master of your thoughts. It is important to deal with the NOW, the PRESENT, not with the past or the future. You live in the now, and so should your mind.

Quantum interaction in the Air

Quantum interaction in the air

There exists in space a massive Dark energy field that is waiting to be tapped into by the collective consciousness. This can be witnessed by going outside on a clear day and clearing the mind. Once you are open to the letting go of preconceived beliefs, look up in to the air and see the energy going in and out of existence. Once these objects are observed, focus the peripheral on another object while still looking at the sky.

You will see the energy within the air, but not on the physical objects. This energy has been made more available to us with the recent solar flares that have been occurring by changing the magnetic field around our earth. The wave of vibration surrounding the earth caused by the geo-magnetic rotation and the solar flares that are continually hitting it are changing the earth and our perception of time and our ability to compose our reality and objects. Our consciousness is relative to the dependence of frequency, limited by the time-space interaction caused by this rotation and its corresponding magnetic frequencies.

We are quantum wave oscillators and this is the key to our quantum wave interaction:

time =

energy X space

oscillation (frequency)

Quantum interaction and your Bodies Energy Field

Energy Field of the body
feel your bodies energy field

Feel your energy field and its relation to the Quantum 

Sit in a comfortable and quite place and clear the mind.

Concentrate on slow and deep inhales and exhales.

Know that you have no where to be no where to go for the next few minutes.

Slightly bend your elbows and cup your hands.

Close your eyes and place your cupped hands similar to the picture here but facing each other instead of downwards.

Keep the palms of your hands approximately 6” from each other and approximately 6” from your heart chakra.

Slowly move your hands in opposite directions.

Continue on working on your slow and deep inhales and exhales.

Once you start to feel your energy field, move your palms slowly towards each other, then slowly away from each other, maintaining the same 6” or so.

Try to grow the field larger and larger:

Once you feel the resistance between your palms, move hands a few inches apart.

Continue on breathing.

Don’t worry if the effects are not immediate. Take time to practice and know that the universe is inside you.