Reincarnation and The Higher Self

Reincarnation and the higher self

Reincarnation and the Higher Self

Reincarnation and the Higher Self

What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a compassionate way of learning responsibility. As such, it is not possible to do a wrong thing. You do what you do, and you experience the consequences of it. It is in essence, that simple. If you don’t experience those consequences before you die, your soul creates another life so that you can. Your spirit will choose a body and environment appropriate for the experience it needs. What incarnates is another aspect of the same individuality, but not the same personality.

Eventually you begin to treat other people the way that you want to be treated. You will put yourself in your brother’s shoes before you speak or act. You let yourself feel your brother’s pain. In addition, you will become more tender and caring. This learning and experience allows you to become wiser as well.

When you become completely loving and kind without fear and without thought of harming others, you graduate from the Earth school. That is when reincarnation ends and another adventure begins.

The Higher Self

The Higher-Self or ‘over soul’ must nonetheless always observe the fundamental Laws of Karma. This requires that we all fully experience the cause-effect relationship between each of our actions and its results. Thus, the Higher Self will always respect the self-determination or free will of each of the separately individualized lower soul-extensions. The High Self will only help when directly asked for assistance and will never interfere to alleviate those hard lessons that each soul must learn for itself.

As the soul-extensions descends into the lower worlds of materialism (Earth), they further develop their inherent split into the two major polarities of positive and negative. Each of these polarities expressing more and more forcibly the male (positive, outgoing active force), or the female (negative, returning/in-going, nurturing force), polarity. This is part of the Creator’s Plan; to provide the soul with a deeper balance between the two major polarities of Creation, and provide a strong impetus for each soul to return to the Unity of the Godhead.