Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

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Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Symptoms

Awaken Star seeds to the Great Awakening and Ascension that is occurring. 

At this very moment, many people here on earth are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening in consciousness as the earth and the universe ascends into a higher vibrational state. This vibrational shift is referred to as the Spiritual Ascension or The Great Awakening. The ascension in consciousness is being triggered by the Sun that is transmitting information via photonic light to our quantum field. When visualizing data transmission through light, think photosynthesis and think fiber optics.

The teachings of the Ascended masters can help in this transition by guiding us to understand our place in the universe and our influence in the 3D reality matrix we live in. This in turn, brings in the awareness that we are all one. We are quantum oscillators of the reality we experience. We therefore, project our experiences into the collective. Each of our actions affects those around us. This consequently affects those around them that then reverberates into the universal consciousness that we all access. It is cyclical in nature. The reality we generate is the reality that we experience.

A Holistic approach in understanding

From the Holistic approach that explains subjects such as universal and Karmic laws of attraction, Twin Flames and spiritual wellness, we can start the mastery of the Spiritual awakening and ascension process and knowledge. Our very thoughts and actions affect not only our quantum fields of reality, but the quantum fields of every living thing on earth. We, as the collective consciousness are today who we are because of our experiences yesterday. We will therefore, be who we are in the future based on our conscious experiences today. 


1. Is there a purpose to Life and what is the role of the Spiritual awakening?

Holistic Spiritual Awakening Understandings

We are here to create and in the same way, to remember who we are through this spiritual awakening. Consciousness is a projection of your soul experiencing the material world through you. Universal consciousness is the collective of those experiences. By the same token, you as a soul extension are an extension of source and the universe. Just as other individuals are an extension of yourself and the collective.

Your soul is the sum total of every feeling you have ever created and experienced. Your awareness of some of these is called your memory. When you have a memory, you are said to re-member. That is, to put back together; to reassemble to the parts. When you reassemble all the parts of you, you will have remembered who you really are.

There really is a purpose in being here at this momentous time in planet earth’s evolution. Your life really does have purpose and meaning. The task at hand while reading the Allegory of the Puzzle is for you to work out what that purpose is.

2. The Awakening and Spiritual ascension.

Spiritual Signs of Ascension

The reason you are reading this information is because knowingly or unknowingly, you are undergoing the spiritual ascension awakening process. This process involves not only the upgrading of your DNA to allow travel between planes of dimensions, but also the transformation of your thinking elevated to see beyond the veil.


Somewhere along your transformational journey the real you must make an appearance. You must come out from behind your fortress and show your true colors. This does not mean that you have to change your job or vocation. Although you may find that as the real you are starting to emerge, you no longer wish to wear that old label. But you do need to step out and away from those defensive walls in order to find out who you really. You need to look at life from the new perspective the higher vibrations will provide.


The Spiritual ascension awakening is important to realize that we are unconscious to the fact that there is indeed another way of living. This must be remembered to start living a life of purpose and a life of meaning. This awakening has been encoded into your life blueprint.

3. In the Beginning...

From a Spiritual Aspect

In the beginning there was the Primal Source, an enormous battery of power which expressed a wish to know Itself and experience Itself. There was an enormous explosion of consciousness and trillions of particles or sparks of consciousness scattered all over the universes not yet formed.


You were brought forth into individual consciousness to be co-creators. You were created to manifest an ever-expanding variety of worlds, realities and expressions. To add to the richness of the God Mind.


Also sent forth in the beginning was a great cosmic egg of new souls. An incubator, you could say. New souls who had never before been birthed into individual consciousness. These were the innocent ones. When it was time to bring forth humanity onto planet Earth, these holy innocent ones were infused with the DNA, attributes, traits and characteristics of each new root race or sub-root race.

Great group souls were formed in the beginning and they are still prevalent now. In the case of the more primitive mineral, vegetation, and animal kingdoms, there is a group soul in place. Within these kingdoms, there is no free will.  Under those circumstances, It is actually an enormous group soul of God consciousness experiencing itself as mountain ranges, trees, plants or animals.

4. Spiritual ascension-What is it?

Wellness and Spirituality

The Spiritual awakening and Ascension essentially is a change in the focus of consciousness. It is the natural, on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal spiritual beings, we were created by The Creator to expand through experience. When we choose to incarnate in the dense  physical third dimension, we descend. We come to Earth again and again in order to experience, learn and master this most difficult of dimensions with unconditional love.

Spiritual ascension is essentially a change in the focus of consciousness. As a result, Spiritual ascension is natural, on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal, spiritual beings, we were created by The Creator to expand through experience.


All life is ascending . . . the plants, the rocks, the animals, each in its own time in its own individual way.

5. Ascended Masters

The Akashic and Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are those who have mastered the 3rd dimensional reality and therefore are able to leave 3rd dimensional form to pursue endeavors upon the dimensions of life-forms that exist 4th dimensional and beyond.

In a similar manner, Earth has finalized her experience in the 3rd dimension. Consequently, is now striving to embody a fifth dimensional vibration as a whole with the intention of becoming a Global Ascended Master herself.

6. Evolution of the Soul and Spiritual ascension.

Well being and Spirituality

During the descent of Spirit which is often called the downward arc, there is not only a tendency towards greater materialism. In the final analysis, it is the spirit which involves itself in matter in order to learn. For this reason, this learning entails receiving impressions through it. There is all ways a tendency towards differentiation. The stream of Divine Life dividing and sub-dividing itself into an ever-increasing number of stream lets and units of consciousness.

7. Reincarnation and Spiritual ascension.

What is reincarnation?

Every night you sleep, and the next morning you wake up. If you had an argument with your friend yesterday, you will still have the consequences of that argument to face when you wake up. They don’t disappear because you went to sleep. You will still be responsible tomorrow for what you did today.
Re-incarnation is just like that. What you create will be there for you to face in your next life if you don’t take care of it in this one, just like the consequences that you create today will be waiting for you tomorrow if you don’t take care of them before you go to bed.     

Reincarnation is a compassionate way of learning responsibility. As a result, it is not possible to do a wrong thing. You do what you do and you experience the consequences of it. It’s that simple. In the event that you don’t experience those consequences before you die, your soul creates another life so that you can.

8. Ascended Masters Continued

Holistic Spiritual Learning

An ascended Master may give his guidance unseen or perhaps through the guiding the voice or the hand of a prophet. They may also incarnate on Earth, choosing to give through his life an example to mankind. An Ascended Master that chooses to incarnate on Earth may even be “overshadowed” by a yet greater Master. As a result, and with his “junior’s” consent, acts and speaks through him.

9. Vibration and Spiritual ascension.

Affirmation of Beliefs

Beliefs are simply thoughts that you have repeatedly held and therefore have effectively imprinted them over and over. This makes it difficult to remove a belief. Even if that belief does not serve you. In other words, it has been stamped into your quantum field repeatedly. In light of this, keep in mind that time is on your side in this area. Also keep in mind that new thoughts naturally hold a stronger vibration than older thoughts.

10. Planes and Dimensions

Dimensions and the Unseen Realms of Spirit

The Lower Astral Planes are described as a dark, dismal world reminiscent of the Christian purgatory or hell. After dying, some people as a result of the low vibration of their thoughts, are pulled toward and trapped near the physical plane in a state of confusion. There is no sense of time or space in the worlds of spirit. They might reside there for years or even centuries of Earth time; totally bewildered, not even aware that they have died.

11. The Seven Planes

Dimensions of Wellness

The various planes of vibration are not individually boxed and stacked one on top of the other but rather, are towered towards some imaginary throne in the sky. These levels of existence interweave and co-exist within each other right here on this plane we call earth.  It is important to remember that all spirit worlds interweave. Within you, within your home and within your workplace all are present. This is considered most dense to the Godhead itself!

12. The Seven Chakras and Spiritual ascension.

Kundalini Awakening symptoms

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit or Hindu word meaning “circle”. A chakra is a vortex or spinning wheel of etheric energy which funnels Prana. Prana is the invisible energy of the universe. This energy flows through the subtle fields of our aura and into the physical body via meridian conduits. Each chakra has its own unique perspective and intelligence. Since chakras are vibrational in nature, they respond quite well to both color and sound therapy.

13. The Auric body system.

Source of Reiki Healing

The Celestial Body associates with the “higher” emotional aspects of spirit. This is also known as the intuitive level. For this reason, when we intuitively know our connection to the universe and when we see the light and love in everything that exists, we have raised our consciousness to the Celestial level of the Auric system.

14. The Dream State

Dreams and Astral Travel

The Celestial Body associates with the “higher” emotional aspects of spirit. This is also known as the intuitive level. For this reason, when we intuitively know our connection to the universe and when we see the light and love in everything that exists, we have raised our consciousness to the Celestial level of the Auric system.

15. Karma-What is its Purpose?

Karma And Spiritual Learning

Karma is the experience of what you have created. It is the compassionate dynamic through which you learn to create responsibly. This in turn, dictates the law of cause and effect through which you shape your life with every decision you make. Karma is neither good nor bad. With this in mind, remember that there are no good effects or bad effects – only effects.

16. The After-Life

What is the After-Life?

The time and place of death is always known well beforehand by the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is also known by the incarnated soul’s own Higher Self. This is part of the agreement made with one’s spiritual self and one’s Guides and the Spiritual Hierarchy before incarnation.

17. Universal Law and Spiritual ascension.

Karmic Energy

The Law of Attraction insists that all things similar in nature will naturally gravitate to each other, drawing one another into their own quantum field. This applies to all things in the Universe and it also applies to thought. All energy-and thought is energy-is magnetic in nature and attracts those thoughts with a similar vibration.
“The Law of Attraction states that everything draws to itself that which is like itself.”

18. Law of Attraction

Tenets Influence on Spirituality

Everything you have in your life can be traced back to an idea or belief. This applies equally to those things you consider to be positive and those you consider to be negative. For this reason, your primary motivation for coming to this planet was to master the experience of life on Earth. Therefore, all experience is valid.

19. Guidance, Never Judgement

The love of Spirit and Twin Flames

Your physical reality was created so that you may experience that which you are not. In experiencing that which you are not, you began to experience that which is not love. You also experience that which is not acceptance, and that which does not allow.  As a soul you began to focus yourself more deeply into the physical world, you began to associate yourself more fully and completely with physical existence.

Guidance not Judgement

20. Principles of Creation

Creation of Spirit and Love

Love is the complete and total acceptance of what is. It is allowing all others to be who they are and allowing yourself to be who you are. Consequently, you are a being of free will and as such, you are held in a place of total acceptance and allowing. You are dearly loved!

Principles of Creation

21. Emotion

Emotion and Spiritual Healing

Focusing on what we don’t want creates more of the same. Doing things we simply no longer wish to do constitute compulsive behavior. The characteristic of compulsive behavior is that it is reactive in nature. In other words, we do it before we are consciously aware that we’ve done it.


22. Keys to Transformation for Spiritual ascension.

Transformation of Spirit

The process of returning to twelve strands of DNA in our current human form is known as Spiritual Ascension. Spiritual Ascension is in contrast, the process by which the embodiment elevates in vibration. This occurs a little at a time until it is vibrating to the resonance of unconditional love. During this process and at an etherical level, ten additional strands of DNA connect within the circuitry of the body and also the brain.

23. Crop Circles

The Symbolism Of Sacred Geometry

Crop Circle formations are the universal symbols that have been used by various peoples throughout time. These will continue and increase until you realize that you are not alone and that you are loved. It is important to remember that in this spiritual awakening ascension process, you are part of a plan more beautiful and wondrous than you could have ever imagined.

Sacred Geometry

24. Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry As Communication

The pictogram made in this very same wheat field a year earlier is a blown-up version of their communication device. It is a replica of that seen in the lower part of their returned message to us!

Crop Circles and photonic energy

25. UFO's and ET

Non Human Interaction

There are beings that know nothing about emotions and treated the human race on earth like laboratory animals. By comparison, they are no different that our scientists experiment with animals. Other beings saw mankind as a warehouse for genes and gene manipulation. They tried to combine their DNA with human DNA to incorporate human strengths into theirs.

UFO and ET non human interaction

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