Crop Circles and Photonic Energy

Crop Circles are Magnetic in Nature Crop circles and Photonic energy create the Crop Circle formations. They are the result of photon patterns hitting Earth’s surface. This causes the crops within the fields to become horizontal. The reason that they cause the crops to lie down is that photon energy is magnetic in nature. the … Read more

Ascension The Higher Self and DNA

Cellular Transformation and Vibration Ascension The Higher Self and DNA are all involved in The Human Ascension Process.  The vibration of your entire body is shifting to a higher frequency during cellular transformation. Some are experiencing many different physical symptoms. These symptoms can be strong at times, or can be very subtle. Within this lifetime, … Read more

Law of Attraction Principles of Resonance

Law of Attraction and Thought The Law of Attraction and Principles of Resonance affect everyone of us. You are a magnet and therefore, draw experience unto yourself. You do this so that you may know yourself in this particular experience. This is why it generally takes the average human being several lifetimes, even hundreds of … Read more