Spiritual Ascension and Humanity

What is the relation between Spiritual Ascension and Humanity? Ascension essentially is a change in the focus of consciousness. It is the natural, on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal spiritual beings, we were created by The Creator to expand through experiences. When we choose to incarnate in the dense physical third dimension, we … Read more

In the Beginning was Primal Source

In the Beginning was Primal Source… In the beginning, there was the Primal Source. An enormous battery of power which expressed a wish to know and to experience Itself. As a result, there was an enormous explosion of consciousness as trillions of particles and sparks of consciousness scattered all over the not yet formed universes . You … Read more

The Great Awakening to Universal Truth

Universal Truth Each Awakening soul experiences the same thoughts and emotions, but one thing is certain – you will inevitably come back on-line. For once this process has begun there can be no turning back. No matter how “out there” this information may seem to your logical mind and ego, once you have experienced the … Read more