Dreams and Astral Travel

Dreams Dreams and Astral Travel are very present during sleep. Rest is as essential to the spiritual body as it is to the physical. When you sleep at night, the spirit leaves the body and enters the inner realms where it is recharged with cosmic energy. In addition, The spirit is etherically connected to the physical … Read more Dreams and Astral Travel

The Auric Body Energy Field

The Auric Body Energy Field The Auric Body Energy Field starts with the Celestial Body. The higher emotion aspect of spirit are also associated with the Celestial body. At the intuitive level, we understand the higher aspects of spirit. When we intuitively know our connection to the universe and see the light and love in everything … Read more The Auric Body Energy Field

Biophotonics and Social Distancing

Biophotonics and Social Distancing Biophotonics is the study of the optical processes in biological systems. This study includes the processes that occur naturally as well as those that occur in bioengineered materials. As a result, a particularly important aspect of this field is imaging and sensing cells and tissue. This includes injecting fluorescent markers into a … Read more Biophotonics and Social Distancing