The After-Life Agreement

The After-Life and spiritual awakening ascension

The After-Life

The After-Life Agreement is made prior to incarnation. Being mentally prepared for the after-life allows an Individual to die in peace. They will therefore, be more likely to leave the dead physical body in full consciousness. They will be able to observe the soul-self’s departure as it rises gently above the now discarded physical “casing.” It is usual for a Spiritual Guide to be on hand to greet the arriving soul, to then lead him or her to the Higher Spheres. Alternatively, the departing soul may travel alone rapidly through a bright tunnel towards an “intense light,” to emerge in a world full of brilliant colors and scenes of great beauty.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is aware of the time and place of death beforehand. The Higher Self incarnated soul is aware of this as well. The spiritual self, guides and the Spiritual Hierarchy make this agreement before incarnation. Relatives and former friends who have already passed over to the Spiritual world are alerted to an impending transition. They will be on hand to greet the arrival on the new plane.

The After-Life Agreement and Spiritual Progress

The vibratory level on which we first arrive after “death” depends on the spiritual progress and attainment made whilst on Earth. Most Earth incarnates of moderate spiritual development arrive on the Astral/Emotional plane. This is the next vibrational level above the physical. Though this largely reproduces conditions as they appeared on Earth, there are some differences that reflect the higher vibratory rate. The colors of nature are more brilliant.

The scents of flowers stronger. Senses of the soul in its now higher manifestation are sharper and more alert to the surrounding beauty. The body feels lighter. There is not the heavy gravitational pull of Earth. With experience one will soon be able to transport oneself through the air. Eventually they will be able to mold matter into any desired shape by the power of thought alone.