The Auric Body Energy Field

Auric Body System and spiritual awakening ascension

The Auric Body Energy Field

The Auric Body Energy Field starts with the Celestial Body. The higher emotion aspect of spirit are also associated with the Celestial body. At the intuitive level, we understand the higher aspects of spirit. When we intuitively know our connection to the universe and see the light and love in everything that exists, we then will have raised our consciousness to the Celestial level of the Auric system.

Astral Body

The Astral body is the bridge between the denser and lower vibrations of the physical plane. It is also the finer vibrations of the spiritual planes. The Heart chakra is also associated with the Astral body. It is the transforming crucible through which all energy must pass when going from one world to the other. Passing through the fire of the heart, Spiritual energy must be transformed into the lower physical energies. The physical energies (of the lower three Auric layers) must pass through the transformative fire of the heart to become spiritual energies. The “higher” mental body is on the fifth level. On its level we find ideas and the intellect. 

Human Body Energy Signature

You exist in physical form only because the atoms in your body are vibrating to create an energy field. Consequently, Each person’s energy field is unique and reflects the person’s own particular signature note.  Intuitive and psychic individuals are experienced at reading these energy fields.

Up to this point in human development psychics have only been able to visually perceive the energy field as energy escapes from the body in the form of auras. It is for this reason we should understand that the aura is only a small part of your personal energy field. Learn to see beyond the aura and learn to trust the gentle nudges as people enter your field. As a result, these are the senses that will lead you into the next stage of human evolution.