The Great Awakening to Universal Truth

The Awakening and spiritual awakening ascension

Universal Truth

Each Awakening soul experiences the same thoughts and emotions, but one thing is certain – you will inevitably come back on-line. For once this process has begun there can be no turning back. No matter how “out there” this information may seem to your logical mind and ego, once you have experienced the inner feelings of “knowing” this information to be true, you intuitively accept that your life will never be the same ever again. 

The Great Awakening is occurring now.

If you are having difficulty accepting information that flies in the face of everything you have ever been taught, then I suggest you learn more about the how the ego mind works by undertaking “A Course in Happiness”.

Somewhere along your transformational journey the real you must make an appearance. You must come out from behind your fortress and show your true colors. This does not mean that you have to change your job or vocation. Although you may find that as the real you are starting to emerge, you no longer wish to wear that old label. But you do need to step out and away from those defensive walls in order to find out who you really. You need to look at life from the new perspective the higher vibrations will provide.

You are safe and protected

Know that you are safe and protected whilst you undergo this discovery. How long this ‘letting go’ process will take depends on how thick your fortress walls have become. With each stone you remove from your wall you will feel lighter and more joyous. This lightness will encourage you to continue. Come on out! Be realistic and see yourself as you really are. See yourself as a super human, multi-dimensional, evolved, cultured, multi-talented, spiritual being.