The Seven Planes of Existence

the Seven Planes and spiritual awakening ascension

Seven Planes of Existence

The Seven Planes of Existence

There are six major planes that exist between the physical earth plane and the Source. These are not separate areas of existence but rather frequencies or states of being. Each of which are interpenetrating each other. The heavier and denser the matter, the lower its frequency. Earth is the densest and heaviest with the Source being the finest and lightest.

First Plane of Existence

The First Plane

We will designate the earth plane as the First Plane. When a spirit is ready to move ahead in its experience, its new awareness and raised frequency will raise it to the next plane.

Second Plane of Existence

The Second Plane

Known as the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane consists of a number of differing dimensional frequencies. These frequencies vary from the lower astral to the mid-planes, to the higher astral plane.

Third Plane of Existence

The Third Plane

Upon arrival at the Third Plane, the spirit will learn more about the physical universe, the cosmos and the Source of All That Is. This higher awareness helps it to realize its evolutionary experience is still far from being complete.

Forth Plane of Existence

The Forth Plane

Upon arriving at the Fourth Plane, a spirit will enter a dimension where color is of a lighter, brighter brilliance and the quality of sound indescribable. The spirit ascends in vibration by gradually assimilating an awareness of even higher levels of thought around it.

Fifth Plane of Existence

The Fifth Plane

This realm is one of illumination. Where the spirit is uplifted by the beauty, the wonder and the loving wisdom of Creation. Here the spirit learns to be a creator in its own right.

Sixth Plane of Existence

The Sixth Plane

The exalted beings who guide the planets inhabit the Sixth Plane . It is a realm of inexpressible majesty and magnitude. Archangels and Ascended Masters are of this realm. The Sixth Plane is known as the Christ Consciousness Plane.

The Seventh Plane of Existence

The Seventh Plane

Everything is in God’s imagination. Without it, nothing would exist. When a spirit finally reunites with its Source at the Godhead, it retains a certain amount of its individuality yet is still in complete harmony with all other thought.