Power of Thought and Manifestation

Power of Thought as Basis of All Creation The power of Thought and Manifestation is the basis of all creation. Everything was thought into existence. Even those physical things made by others were first born in thought before they became matter. The fourth principle is the principle of creativity. You are the creator of your … Read more

Law of Attraction Principles of Resonance

Law of Attraction and Thought The Law of Attraction and Principles of Resonance affect everyone of us. You are a magnet and therefore, draw experience unto yourself. You do this so that you may know yourself in this particular experience. This is why it generally takes the average human being several lifetimes, even hundreds of … Read more

Critical Mass Higher Vibration and Ascension

Critical Mass, Higher Vibration and Ascension Duality The subjects of Critical Mass Higher Vibration and Ascension is very important at this time.When you evolve to an evolutionary stage that is a higher vibration of love, then you are no longer aware of fear and conflict. You are not living in that world. It may be explained … Read more