Spiritual Ascension of Humanity

The Allegory of The Puzzle

Spiritual Ascension of Humanity.

It is time to remember your purpose and who you really are. Ages and ages ago human spirits decided to come to planet Earth so that we could experience and appreciate the life that this 3-dimensional planet had to offer. We, as a group had agreed to uplift this planet in a very sacred way. It would be one that would bring God-consciousness to Earth’s level of vibration by blending Spirit into matter. 

Somewhere along the way we over-identified with the material world. Through its many physical pleasures, we remained stuck here in the life-death-reincarnation cycle. This normally took place on planets with a 3-dimensional level of vibration. In essence, we have lost our way and our God-contentedness. We have simply forgotten who we are and why we came here in the first place.

This spiritual Ascension process is known as the Great Awakening.

Its time to remember your purpose and who you really are

The Spiritual Ascension process and symptoms can vary greatly between individuals.

Spiritual Ascension of Humanity starts with the realization that most of humanity is operating in a waking unconscious state of being. Many are stuck in a cycle of reincarnation. In spite of this, there are many millions on the planet who are awakening for the purpose of moving toward spiritual enlightenment for the love of spirit. With this intention, they are awakening and questioning prior affirmation of beliefs as the veil of deception is being lifted.

In addition, dream time, also known as Astral Travel, are revealing unseen realms and dimensions. Our Current and Past life Karmic energy is also being worked out on a spiritual level. This is occurring both here on the planet Earth, as well as other spiritual planes of existence. Our Kundalini energy is increasing. Chakra systems within the Human body are being activated. They are receiving information downloads from the Akashic and etheric. Ascended masters are here to assist in this transition.

The Star Seeds

Additionally, the human family currently on planet Earth is not homogeneous. Rather, it appears to be a mixture of star seeds from other planetary systems. We were aware that Earth was going to go through a profound dimensional shift in consciousness at this point in time. These star seeds volunteered to forget who they are and where they came from. They were then born here as humans. As cosmic volunteers, they will help our planet go through its transformation into the Light.

Star seeds were pre-coded to awaken to who they really are at this point in time. We are Beings of Light and love. Apparently, we have done this many times before with other planetary systems. We live to serve their many brothers and sister from the stars. Such is our love for them. 
The sole purpose behind the dimensional shift for planet Earth is to change it from a fear-driven planet to one whose alignment will be spiritual. It will be based upon love. The Great Awakening will be irreversible, intensifying over the next 10 years. Those of us who choose a life of love will continue on with planet Earth and move into a higher dimension. This dimensional shift is referred to in prophecies as the Golden Years.


The Spiritual Ascension Process and The Great Awakening

What is meant by the Spiritual Ascension of Humanity and what are the signs of Ascension?

Earth is in the process of elevating in vibration. Accordingly, this process is known as ascension. The process of ascension involves many stages of initiations or tests.  As each test is passed Consequently, the body or planet increases in vibration. This in turn, increases the vibration of the collective. All of Humanity, the dolphin and whale communities, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are all well under way in their ascension process.

Spiritual Ascension of Humanity and Intention

Apart from the intention to ascend, there are a lot of personal issues and Karma that will need to be addressed and worked through. As a consequence, those individuals that have decided to take this path must be take personal responsibility for themselves. They must also take responsibility for their thoughts and behavior. It also means a gradual letting go of people, situations and lifestyles that we have come to take for granted in the 3rd dimension.

What is the Purpose to Life?

Your conscious self is a projection of your soul experiencing the material world through you as an extension of source. God is therefore experiencing this same world through your soul. The soul, your soul knows all there is to know at all times. There’s nothing hidden to it and therefore, nothing unknown. Yet knowing is not enough.  It is for this reason the Soul seeks to experience. Under these circumstances, your soul’s greatest desire to turn its grandest concept about itself into its greatest experience.

Questioned what came before the universe was created? 

In the beginning, there was the Primal Source. An enormous battery of power which expressed a wish to know and experience Itself. As a result, there was an enormous explosion of consciousness as trillions of particles or sparks of consciousness scattered all over the unformed universes. 

We as Humans, were brought forth into individual consciousness to be co-creators. We manifest an ever-expanding variety of worlds, realities and expressions; Henceforth, to add to the richness of the God Mind.

Reincarnation, the After-Life and Law of Resonance

What is the purpose of reincarnation and when does the soul enter the body?

The soul of the child may enter and exit the body many times during the pregnancy. This soul has a great love for the physical body-to-be, and is consequently keeping watch over it during the pregnancy.  It is important to remember that the soul does not yet have a firm connection to the body. The child’s soul makes a decision if he/she would like to enter the body and live this lifetime. This is decision is usually decided at least two months before the birth.

What is the Law of Resonance and Attraction?

You are using the Law of Attraction all of the time. There isn’t one moment when you are not using this law. It doesn’t need you to be conscious of it in order for you to experience its results. For this reason, every experience, every object, every person in your life is present in your life because you have drawn them into your experience. There are no exceptions to this rule. No chance meetings, no coincidences, no accidents. No divine intervention and no external forces stopping you from having what you want. There is no one is rewarding you. Your experience is all created by you. You are responsible for all of it. Not just some or most of it, but all of it.

The Allegory of the Puzzle visits behind The Spiritual Ascension Process and Symptoms as well as the Reasons.

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